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Pristine Fine Dry Cleaning is the premiere solution for all of your dry cleaning needs, specializing in high-end couture garments, accessories and custom machine-free cleaning.


Pristine Couture Cleaning

From vintage pieces to this season’s newest designer trends, these special pieces in your closet require the utmost care and attention to detail. PFDC is designed for special high-end garments, such as items that require extra care like Armani suits, Versace gowns, and fine fashion from any of the "labels" listed below. We will also take care with any items that are heavily beaded or have special meaning, such as a sweater your grandmother gave you or an anniversary gift.


Our unique "Pristine Couture Cleaning" service features 100% hand cleaning & hand finishing of garments by a dedicated staff.  If you are interested in more information about Pristine Couture Cleaning, please ask a manager for more details.


Hand Laundering

PFDC offers the finest pressed shirts in Southwest Florida! Our machine pressed shirts rival hand pressed quality with none of the price. We strive to make sure that your clothes are returned to you looking just as new as the day you bought them. At PFDC, we know that image is everything and we want to do everything we can to help you maintain that image so you feel your best.


Linens and Bedding

Crisp, Clean, Fresh Bed Linens  - Does it get much better than that?

You will feel the Pristine difference when you climb into your bed at the end of the day. At PFDC, we will clean and press both table and bed linens. Washing your bedding can be a big hassle, but our staff will take the load off of your hands so you can enjoy the extra time doing something else. From sheets to comforters to floor rugs and curtains, we will assure you that we will return your linens spotless and professionally pressed. We also clean blankets, pillows and comforters.


Fine Tailoring

Our Master Tailor is available at our Naples location Monday –Friday to assist customers with all of their tailoring needs. We specialize in custom fit suits and dress shirts. A brief list of tailoring services offered:

  • Hems for dress pants & jeans
  • Tapering
  • Lining
  • Pockets replaced or Half pockets sewn
  • Zippers repaired or replaced
  • Reweaving of small tears, moth damage and pulls
  • Dress Shirt Collars turned - to extend the useful life
  • Coat & Jacket fully or partially re-lined
  • Hand sewing when needed


Free Pick-Up and Delivery

Isn’t Your Time Worth It?

Life is busy and time is everything. Sit back and let us take at least one errand off of your list. PFDC offers free pick-up and delivery to your home or office twice a week. PFDC customizes all of our delivery arrangements to meet your needs so you don’t need to be home. At some homes customers provide us with garage codes, others have us deliver garments to the back porch, and for some we even go directly to their closets and hang the clothes.


You are welcome to prepare an itemized list of what we will be picking up and we will inform you immediately if we find any discrepancies. Otherwise, our counts will be accepted as accurate.

Click here to sign up for pick-up and delivery


  • Call to Schedule Your Appointment
    We visit customers twice per week. Our typical schedule is Mon - Thurs and Tues - Fri. Please inquire as to your actual delivery days, which are based on your residential area. Some services require a little longer. Items requiring extensive attention may take longer. Please inform your delivery representative if any item is required on a specific delivery day.

  • Standard Monthly Statement
    PFDC will send a monthly statement via email. Upon receipt our customer issues a check online or by mail. This house account is secured with a credit card we keep on file.

  • Credit Card Payment
    PDFC makes two monthly charges to a predetermined credit card on the 1st and 15th of each month.


Designer Bag Cleaning

High quality designer handbags should last a lifetime, but in order to make that happen, they need to be cleaned annually. At PFDC, we will inspect your handbag for imperfections and ensure that it looks as good as it did on day one. With some small upkeep, your bag will attract all the attention that is should. Beyond cleaning, any minor tears or torn seams will be repaired. We also make simple cosmetic repairs such as shortening straps, replacing zippers, etc.


Bridal Department

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and your wedding dress is something you, as a bride, will cherish forever. We will handle your gown with care, clean, repair and provide special attention to all details so that it is returned to you in pristine condition.


  • Bridal Gown Cleaning and Preservation
    After your special day has passed, we take your wedding dress and restore it to its original condition. Preserving your bridal gown is important for many reasons. Your gown is not only a special reminder of your wedding day, but it may also be passed down to future generations and worn by your daughter or granddaughter. We know your gown deserves careful attention and assure you that it will not only be restored, but also carefully wrapped and packaged so that it can last a lifetime.

  • Bridal Tailoring
    Trust PFDC to take care of all of your pre-wedding day needs. Our Master Tailor will work with you weeks and even months ahead to tailor your wedding gown so that it fits perfectly on your wedding day. From hems to tapering to linings and more, our professional tailor pays extra attention to detail so you can have one less thing to worry about on your special day.

  • Our Wedding Partners
    We have strategic partners offering the greatest of bridal services. From florists, to hotels, to bakeries, and wedding planners we are proud to be the go to cleaner for Southwest Florida.


On Location

PFDC offers interior cleaning services from Naples to Fort Myers and Marco Island. We will come on location to your home, office, private plane or yacht to clean and restore your family heirlooms, upholstery, draperies, headboards, carpeting, area rugs and more.  We will remove odors on any garments and textiles damaged by water, fire or smoke and restore them to their original state. We also offer expert spot removal including treatments for yellowing and discoloration.


We recommend that your home undergo comprehensive dust removal and interior cleaning services on an annual basis.


Restoration - Expert Spot Removal

Treatments for Yellowing and Discoloration.

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"I would never trust my couture clothing to anyone but Pristine."

– N. Staropoli, Naples FL

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